You’ve made it to the homepage for our Firefly game. Shiny!

The ’Verse is a busy place of desperate smugglers, corrupt politicians, honest farmers, and cannibalistic Reavers just to name a few. Persephone is no exception. Taxiing into the Eavesdown Docks makes your small Firefly-class vessel disappear into the mechanical beehive below of transport vessels and towering steel.

Hawkers and vendors fill the air with Anglo-Sino dialogue; the Cantonese slang of the border worlds is home here. Here, we find a short man from the old Titan colony running a den of thieves under the surface. His name is Badger. From under his worn bowler, two eyes stare through clients to find value in whatever he can dig up for his buyers.

The crew of your ship are the diggers. You are the ones with the crap job and junker ship; your rules apply on your boat and you keep flying. Have you flown together long? What are you returning to Badger with? Does the crew deal in illegal goods? How do you feel about the 22.2% tax the Alliance imposes on all transactions in exchange for “protection” and “supplies”? Did you fight in the Unification War a few years back?

We will primarily be playing through Skype and using this website to record events.

Voodoo Firefly